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GCL SI signed contract with Ocean Sun for better ocean solar power solutions

June 19th,2019

On June 4,Eric Luo,Chairman and President of GCL SI,and the Chief Technology Officer of Norwegian Ocean Sun,signed a cooperation agreement during the 13th (2019) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition & Conference (SNEC) in Shanghai,intending to jointly develop the PV modules warrantied and certified by financing solutions from overseas banks.Two companies now work together to further improve solutions for marine solar power generation..

Eric Luo said at the signing ceremony that the ocean will be an important growth point for PV power generation in the future.Ocean Sun is a professional marine solar energy solution provider,and both companies have great space for cooperation.Ocean Sun actually started cooperating with GCL SI on a project before the ceremony,using GCL SI's double glass modules for the first time in its marine solar projects..

According to the introduction,Ocean Sun's marine solar solution resembles a lotus leaf,and the marine solar farms based on it features low-cost,high-efficiency,scalability,resistance to wind and wave,and marine ecological maintenance.The solution enables easy and quick installation,and the current 200KW or 500KW station blocks can be installed within 1 to 3 days,which greatly shortens the installation time and reduces the construction costs..

Eric Luo said that after the first successful cooperation between the two parties,the two companies plan to extend this technology to the Philippines and other overseas regions in order to further develop marine solar solutions.The alliance agreement they signed aims to jointly develop warrantied and certified modules by bank financing solutions.In the meantime,the two companies will also carry out joint marketing activities,and advance the technical partnership in global communications,including but not limited to integrating global communication system modules into operating system solutions and conducting joint project design..

According to Eric Luo,based on the progress of technical cooperation and a feasible solution with scalable and financing capabilities,the two parties set the goal of jointly developing 1GW projects by 2023,of which 50MW is expected in 2020,100MW in 2021,250MW in 2022 and 500MW in 2023..