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Media Release: GCL and Powin Energy announce launch of Energy Storage Solution (ESS)

October 28th,2019

GCL System Integration,and America-based Powin Energy jointly announce launch of Energy Storage Solution (ESS) in Australia

The newly launched ESS contains DC battery racks,BMS,Containerization,DC collection/protection,PCS integration and EMS..

The modular"Stack"battery system has been engineered from the cell-level up to multi-container-level to maximize energy density and to perform rigorous in both front-of-the-meter and behind-the-meter applications..

"Unlike many of our competitor's energy storage solutions,our proprietary BMS and EMS platform,battery modules and battery stacks were developed with a sole focus on the energy storage market and applications rather than re-purposed based on an electric vehicle design."Comment from Danny Lu,Senior Vice President of Powin..

Hui Hu,Vice President of GCL SI energy storage solution says:"The Aussie grid is facing a lot of volatilities recently.Severe output control is hurting system owners' profit.So we think it is the right time to enter large-scale energy storage market.""

"Powin is a top 5 large-scale battery storage solution provider worldwide,ranked by Navigant Research.We are excited to partner with GCL to bring our large-scale energy storage solutions and experience into Australian market."Danny added..

About GCL-SI

GCL System Integration Technology Co.,Ltd.(SZ: 002506) (GCL-SI),is part of the GOLDEN CONCORD Group (GCL).GCL-SI delivers a one-stop,cutting-edge,integrated energy system and is committed to becoming the world's leading solar energy company..

About Powin Energy

Powin Energy has pioneered a cost-effective,safe and scalable battery energy storage system that is purpose-built for the demands of utility scale,commercial and industrial,and micro grid applications.Our BESS also features a modular architecture and streamlined installation process..

Behind our industry-leading products is an unrivaled team of experts from across the energy industry,almost three decades of supply chain management expertise and extensive battery management software development proficiency..

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